Grow Rooms

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The Steps Of A Professional Grow Room Installation


Evaluate room conditions, layout, equipment needs and create a tailored HVAC plan for optimal temperature, humidity and ventilation.


Properly install ductwork, HVAC units, thermostats, humidistats and other required equipment according to the customized grow room plan.

Air Circulation:

Set up perforated ductwork, ceiling fans, wall-mounts and diffusers to promote excellent airflow and even conditions without hot/cold spots.

Humidity Control:

Integrate humidification / dehumidification systems with tight parametric controls to sustain ideal moisture levels for healthy plants.


Introduce vents connected to outdoor fresh air supplies for controlled air exchange which prevents stagnation and CO2 buildup.

Automation & Monitoring:

Set up remote monitoring and control of critical variables like temperature, humidity and lighting schedules through intuitive dashboards.

The Benefits Of Professional Grow Rooms

Maximum Growth & Yield:

Consistent moisture, temp, airflow, ventilation translates directly into higher plant growth rates and crop yield.

Pest & Disease Prevention:

Controlling grow room conditions at optimal setpoints prevents issues like powdery mildew that thrive in certain environments.

Energy Efficiency:

The right HVAC system for the grow space avoids wasting money by overcooling, overheating or over ventilating.

Equipment Protection:

Regulating humidity prevents corrosion of grow lights, wall damage, controls short circuits in sensitive gear.

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