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The Steps Of A Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning


A technician evaluates your dryer vent setup, takes measurements, checks for blockages, and develops a customized cleaning plan.

Access & Inspection:

The dryer is pulled out to expose vents, allowing the technician to thoroughly inspect for clogs, corrosion, defects or disconnects behind the appliance.


The ductwork is safely disconnected from the dryer to allow complete access in preparation for thorough interior cleaning.


Powerful rotating brushes scrub away lint buildup and debris that cause blockages while industrial vacuums extract years of accumulation.


Once fully cleaned, the dryer venting is properly connected and secured to the dryer according to code requirements.

Exterior Vent Clearing:

The exterior vent cover is cleared of nests, lint and debris that could impede proper airflow and venting to the outside.

The Benefits Of Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning

Fire Prevention:

Clean ducts prevent lint buildup near heat sources which poses a dangerous fire hazard over time.

Energy Savings:

Efficient airflow allows dryers to function optimally using less energy during cycles.

Dryer Lifespan:

With increased airflow, dryers don't have to work as hard during cycles, extending the operating life of the appliance.

Indoor Air Quality:

Vacuuming vents eliminates musty smells that lint and moisture accumulation contributes to over time.

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Dryer Vent Cleaning

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